National Autism Strategy

A National Autism Strategy was identified to be needed to improve the life outcomes of Autistic Australians. We asked for this pre-election and the Australian government responded with a commitment to the co-design and development of a National Autism Strategy (Strategy) that is informed by the experiences of autistic people, their families and carers, and those who work to support them.

This will involve a comprehensive co-design and national consultation process that will draw in views from the full diversity and representative range of the autistic community and the autism and disability sectors.

The national consultation process and co-design of the Strategy are to be guided by an Oversight Council and assisted by four Working Groups considering:

  1. Social inclusion.
  2. Economic inclusion.
  3. Diagnosis, supports and services.
  4. National Roadmap to Improve the Health and Mental Health of Autistic People.

The members of the Oversight Council and the first three Working Groups are to be appointed by the Minister for Social Services, The Hon. Amanda Rishworth MP, who has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the Strategy. The National Roadmap to Improve the Health and Mental Health of Autistic People Working Group is being established by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

In keeping with the Government’s commitment to co-design, the Oversight Council and Working Groups are to have autistic and autism community representation alongside researchers, professionals and government representatives.

The Australian Autism Alliance is one of the organisations that has been asked to manage an Expression of Interest process from the autistic and autism community, to assist with appointments to the Oversight Council and the first three Working Groups. The aim is to have the Oversight Council and Working Groups operating as soon as possible. The Autism CRC and the Australasian Society for Autism Research are managing the Expression of Interest process from researchers and professionals (eg health, education, social work).

Given the diversity of the autistic community, it is important that the Oversight Council and the Working Groups bring experience and understanding of many individual perspectives. This includes an individual’s background, identities and roles. An individual member may bring experience from multiple perspectives.
The Oversight Council will, as a collective, bring significant and contemporary experience, skills and understanding of the many strengths and challenges of the autistic community. The same applies to each working group.


How to Express your Interest

We encourage you or anyone else you think relevant to consider expressing your interest in participating in the Oversight Council and/or Working Groups 1, 2, or 3, by clicking on this link

This link will take you to information that includes more detailed Background Information and Frequently Asked Questions document, and the Expression of Interest Form. We encourage you to take the time to read the Background Information and Frequently Asked Questions document as it will assist with your submission.

The Expression of Interest form can be saved and you can return to it any time until submissions close at 12.00pm (AEDT) on Monday, 27 March 2023.

This form will ask you a few questions about yourself and your experience. You can ask a support person to help you complete it if you need help. If you have questions about this form, email:

 If you prefer to express your interest in another way, you can use the link to:

  • download a print friendly version and submit as hand written copy.
  • submit your answers using a multimedia method such as video, PowerPoint, audio recording or similar.

We encourage you to share this information amongst your networks.

We look forward to a National Autism Strategy being developed and implemented that makes an impactful difference to improving the lives of Autistic Australians and their families.