Federal Election 2022 – Shifting the Dial on autism


Autism affects a large number of Australians. Australia’s autistic population is estimated to be around 650,000 with 1 in 4 having an autistic family member. Autistic people have unique and diverse talents but still experience significantly poorer outcomes in most aspects of life than other Australians.

In the leadup to the 2022 Federal Election, we are calling on all major parties to make the following 4 main commitments with the outcome of “Shifting the Dial on Autism” to improve the lives and lifelong outcomes for ALL autistic Australians and their families:

1. Develop and fund a National Autism Strategy

2. Convene an ‘Autism and COVID Summit’ in 2022” to identify initiatives that address the longtail adverse impacts of COVID and harness the unique talent of Autistic people who overwhelmingly want to work , have much to offer and would enable them to be part of the solution to current and future workforce shortages.

3. Develop a National Roadmap to improve health and mental health outcomes for autistic people

4. Ensure an enduring and effective National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Download the full version of “Shifting the Dial on Autism” here. For more information connect with us or contact Alliance Co-Chair Jenny Karavolos at chair@australianautismalliance.org.au or 08 8462 0655.

Download the full version of
“Shifting the Dial on Autism”

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